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On June 21, 2016, St. Teresa’s entered the world of radio broadcasting with the sign-on of a low-powered FM radio station (101.3) dedicated to ministering to and serving parishioners and non-parishioners alike in the Albany area. The call letters of WTOA (Teresa of Avila) were chosen to honor our parish’s patron saint.

From the start, WTOA-LP has carried the full schedule of EWTN Radio programming.  In October 2018, we began broadcasting our own locally produced ST. TERESA’S ON THE AIR (STOA on WTOA). Host Steve Preston interviews Fr. Ray as well as other people of the parish to keep the listener informed about the goings-on at St. Teresa’s. The program is heard Sunday mornings at 9:30, Wednesday evenings at 9:30, and Saturday afternoons at 4:00.


Listen to interviews from STOA on WTOA. (In order to minimize file sizes, only the actual interview portions of the episodes are presented here. Be sure to tune in to WTOA to listento the complete STOA on WTOA broadcasts!

“HOT” TALK WITH FR. RAY – Host Steve Preston talks with Father Ray about some “hot” topics as the end of summer approaches at St. T’s including the changes at Neighbors in Need/St. Clare’s, the new school year at St. Teresa’s School, the paying off of the building fund…and the need for air-conditioning repair! Don’t miss this edition of St. Teresa’s On the Air!

MEET DEACON JOHN – Host Steve Preston chats with Deacon John Johnson about his background, what led him to become a deacon, and his thoughts on his ministry as a deacon. Have a listen and get to know Deacon John!

EASTER 2022 WITH FR. RAY –  Celebrate the Easter season as Father Ray and host Steve Preston go talk about the Easter Alphabet and the liturgies of Holy Week that brought us to the Easter Celebration.

LENT 2022 WITH DEACON JAY –  Start off your Lenten season with host Steve Preston as he talks with Deacon Jay Dallas about Jay’s 20+ year ministry as a Deacon at St. Teresa’s. Deacon Jay also delivers some excellent ideas to help get focused as the Lenten journey gets underway.

NEW YEAR 2022 WITH FR. RAY – Fr. Ray talks with host Steve Preston about the New Year, an all-purpose New Year’s Resolution…and grits! Start the New Year off right with this edition of St. Teresa’s On the Air!

ADVENT 2021  WITH FR. RAY –  Fr. Ray talks with host Steve Preston about the Advent season, preparing the way for the Lord in the new Liturgical Year, the music ministry at St. Teresa’s, and lots of other interesting things. Don’t miss this edition of St. Teresa’s On the Air!

SEPTEMBER 2021 WITH FR. RAY – Fr. Ray returns to the microphone to talk with host Steve Preston about everything from the miraculous event of the liquefied blood of St. Januarius in Naples to the latest goings on at St. Teresa’s…and a host of items in-between! Don’t miss it!

AUGUST 2021 WITH DEACON MIKE – Get to know a little bit more about Deacon Mike as host Steve Preston chats with him about Deacon Mike’s life, his ministry, and what he hopes to accomplish in the near future at St. Teresa’s.

JUNE 2021 WITH FR. RAY – Host Steve Preston and Fr. Ray engage in a freewheeling conversation that looks at summer at St. Teresa’s School, the return to nearly-normal at St. Teresa’s Church, the feast of Corpus Christi, and many other interesting things you won’t want to miss!

EASTER SEASON 2021 WITH FR. RAY – Host Steve Preston and Fr. Ray talk about the

process of St. Teresa’s returning to full pre-COVID operation, exciting new plans for the expansion of St. Teresa’s High School, working toward establishing a program for special needs students at St. Teresa’s school, and a few other things sure to interest you!

LENT 2021 WITH FR. RAY – Host Steve Preston and Fr. Ray chat about the Lenten season and reflect upon the meaning of Ash Wednesday, the season of Lent, and the need to focus on what is truly important.

THE NEW YEAR! 2021 WITH FR. RAY – Host Steve Preston starts the new year with Fr. Ray as they chat about a wide variety of topics including Holy Days of Obligation and future plans for St. Teresa’s Church.

ADVENT 2020 WITH FR. RAY – Host Steve Preston chats with Fr. Ray about Advent 2020, the changes for the upcoming Christmas celebrations, and other things of interest as the new liturgical year begins at St. Teresa’s.

OCTOBER 2020 WITH LINDA JOHNSON – Host Steve Preston welcomes Linda Johnson, Assistant Principal of St. Teresa’s School, as they talk about the 75th anniversary of St. Teresa’s School and what school is like during the COVID-19 era.


AUGUST 2020 WITH FR. ANGEL – Host Steve Preston welcomes Fr. Fredy Angel, St. Teresa’s new Parochial Vicar, to Albany and St. Teresa’s Church.



JUNE 2020 WITH FR. RAY – Host Steve Preston talks with Fr. Ray about the first two weeks of being back in the church building for Mass, the newly revised (effective June 13) weekend Mass schedule, and making sure  we have the proper attitudes about coming to Mass during the post-COVID-19 lockdown.







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EWTN Program Schedule

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